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Fixing things.



So I had to give up on my Frank the Fruit Fly game. But I had an idea about maybe fixing it while I was trying to go to sleep last night. So I got up and a couple of hours later it was working again.

Although it automatically saved when you got to a new level for some reason even though I didn't tell it to. The problem was it was saving automatically after all screens, something I didn't want it to do. I want players to decide when they save by pressing Select. Oh well. I guess it's good it actually does that and it's better than not working at all.

Another problem was the variables weren't being saved properly. To fix this, I put all of them in bank 0. I didn't know they all needed to be in bank 0, but it worked once I did that. After 90 minutes of trying, I finally fell asleep. I worked this morning and fixed the cat graphic because it was working again.

Unfortunately, my dog won't eat anything, she's been sick. Took her to the vet and they said UTI. But apparently the dog loves turkey. Until a few weeks ago, she ate anything we fed her. She eats a little food every day, but I'm afraid this is near the end of her life. Oh well. I tried to fix the dog but I just couldn't do it. It will be really eerie without the dog here. Here's a picture of the fixed cat.



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