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Reducing compilation time



So I didn't make anything new for Frank the Fruit Fly today. I was sick of waiting forever for it to compile, so I decided to take today and see if I could reduce the time it spent compiling the game. It took two minutes to compile the game. I had to sit there and wait for it being awfully slow.

I wondered what I could do. I noticed in my code I had some very long switch statements in the main part of the code. So I changed them into voids and then pointed the correct void to the correct screen the player would be on. This significantly decreased the compiling time of bank 2 from about a minute to around 15 seconds. So I decided to do the same thing to bank 1 which was taking about 30 seconds to compile. So I basically reduced the time the computer spent compiling my C code into a GB game from 2 minutes down to a reasonable 30 seconds.

No more work for today. It's too hot in here. I was looking through my Game Boy collection and noticed something. I thought my copy of "Bart and the Beanstalk" didn't have a two digit number stamp on it anywhere. So if it was a repro, they must have had a very very very high quality printer. But in looking for it again just now, I found it. 22. So now that's solved. I have 130 Game Boy games right now.

For more info on Frank the Fruit Fly, including a playable rom, visit the official Frank the Fruit Fly site. My NES Stupidman and 2600 Potato Chips En Masse have taken a back seat now to this game.


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