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Cruisin' down the Nile



I decided I was sick of Game Boy programming for now. I'll say this though: It's a lot EASIER to program something on the Game Boy than it is on the Odyssey². I returned to my canoeing game (still nameless). I added a new level. And then the next day (today) I sat there for four hours to come up with the beginnings of a couple more levels. It was hard, but I managed to put in the beginnings of four more levels. Right now, level 2 just repeats over and over again. But I got the screens in anyway. Up next come the sprites, background objects (to give the player some sense he's actually paddling the canoe), and the river widths.

Level 2 is the Nile. It's infested with alligators. Or crocodiles? I don't know. But some vicious green reptiles are there.


I tried to make the pyramids (yes, those are pyramids) be pyramid-shaped, but it looked gross because half the pyramid would scroll in and then the other half eventually. I didn't like the way that looked so I made it like this.

I was trying to think of what would be a good Arctic river name, so I looked at an atlas. Yukon. Of course! The Yukon River! There is such a river. It is in the Yukon Terrirory in Canada and Alaska. So what I was thinking is have the ground be white for it. It just snowed. I'll have to fiddle around with widths of the various rivers in the game. I don't know what will be the background thing to scroll left though. Perhaps I'll make a quad-sized polar bear and make the river be wide enough to dodge it.


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