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Stupidman (part 3)




Began work on act 1. (I'm calling them "acts" instead of "levels" because it seems more like an interactive play than a video game.) The score starts out at 999,999 and ticks down each second you are playing it. In the end, I may have to make it 9,999 instead of 999,999, but for now I'll leave it as is. Here is Stupidman's Stupidmobile cruising down Main Street of Faketown.


To simulate scrolling, the tree moves from right to left. It's funny how only one small tree doing that makes it feel like the car is actually driving down the street. The next thing to do the next time I work on this is to add an obstacle car in. The way the scoring works is that if you hit an obstacle car, you'll lose more points off your score, say, like 100. I'll make it so you can still finish the game with 0 points, but you'll only have 0 points. I'll also need to figure out how long to play act 1 before it gets finished.

I put a comma in the score because every other video game doesn't. I wonder why.



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