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Stupidman (part 4)




Put in the act 2 introduction tonight. Stupidman arrives at the museum.


Next, I'll put in the museum's inside. Stupidman has to arrive at the room where the raisin is kept. But which room is it? Stupidman doesn't know. Because he's stupid. So next, you'll help him find the raisin room. The museum's inside will look and feel like Adventure for the Atari 2600. Instead of dragons wanting to eat you, it'll be Ming vases floating around and if you touch one, you'll lose a lot of points. But I'm wondering if I should put which room the raisin room is randomly or have it be the same room each time? Decisions, decisions...


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Stupidman.  Maybe not the hero we want or need, but definitely the one we deserve.

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