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Stupidman! (part 2)



I worked some more on this last night and this morning, creating the cutscene before level 1. I made two songs. One is a little deeledeedle-type one for the Crisis Phone. The other one is a more serious sounding problem for when the mayor is describing the problem. Then Stupidman hurries to his Stupidmobile. But since I haven't done that yet, it just loops to the beginning of the level 1 cutscene once Stupidman exits the right side of the screen. I tried to make it go back to the title screen, but it crashed.

This presented several problems. When I first tried to put the music in, it screwed up the letters in the messages. But after trying different things, I fixed it. Also, it appears it will be 41k. I tried hard yesterday trying to make it bigger, but it ultimately ended in failure. I guess it's due to me not understanding NES architecture. But there should be a tutorial for making larger games.

In my comics I make, the inside of a building has slightly yellow walls and pinkish-gray carpet. This is the best I could do with the NES palette:



I don't think I'll even attempt scrolling. I'll just have to fake it.

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