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After making Hamburgers for the NES, while I was asleep last night, I dreamt some ideas for an NES version of a superhero I made up a long time ago. Presenting Stupidman! He is a superhero, but he's also dumber than a pile of bricks. The subtitle is "A Date To Remember." This is because someone stole the world's oldest raisin from the museum. (Yes, I know, it's raisin, but not date. This is intentional.)

So a few hours of work later, I have a title screen. I still need to compose music for it, though. I planned ahead and made the background for the level 1 intro. I want to have a game bigger than 40k this time. Will I be able to? Time will tell.

Stupidman is made up of three 8x8 pixels. The first level will be like the 2600 game Grand Prix as he drives his Stupidmobile to the museum.

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