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Hamburgers for the 2600




I'm jumping around from project to project again. Someone made me remind myself that I tried to make a port of Hamburgers for the Atari 2600. So I decided to resume work on it. I have two levels working now. Level 1 is the Big Rock Candy Mountains and level 2 is the Chocolate Cave.

burger16_1smaller.png.3d7c40062329c2c65c2a0d9c5ee04925.png burger16smaller.png.e1eff39d5f9479eac900b7b854f6d833.png

Right now I can alternate between the two by changing the value in a variable in the code called "Level" to 1 or 2. What's next in work on my game is to make the game start on level 1 and then switch to level 2 when level 1 is completed. I'll do that when I rebegin work on the game, probably tomorrow. I don't feel all that good today to work on Atari 2600 programming.

What I'm aiming for here is a few different levels and have it be 4k as well. I don't know how many levels I can fit in here, but I'm fairly certain at least a few because I have about 2,018 bytes left, and that's with two levels in the game now.




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