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Flying Hamburger - May 14, 2021



I have been busy this past couple of days on a new Atari 2600 game I'm making called "Flying Hamburger." It's a lot like my NES game only it's on the Atari 2600. Because of that, I had to make some changes.

  • Milkshake now an onion ring. Onion rings cannot shoot. But they will eventually speed up and go in different directions.
  • The backgrounds will be something like this:


I like having purple mountains with white tops in my game. Once I get the rest of the game figured out, I will work on adding more backgrounds. I don't know how many I can fit in as well as the game mechanics in, but I want to make it at most an 8k game. The scoring is working, and another onion ring will appear from the right if one gets shot.

As for the NES version, I will work on it some more when I feel like it. And stay tuned to www.uncletusk.com for the Virtual Boy one, because that's where it will be on sale when it comes out soon.


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