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I have decided to make a new Odyssey 2 game. It will be called Xybort. I have been playing around with the title screen trying to get it just right. That's all I've done so far, though. Perhaps tomorrow I will actually work on the in-game stuff now that the title screen is completed.


In case you're wondering, that white x above the big X is a sparkle. It switches between an multiply sign and a plus sign very fast, creating an illusion of a sparkle. In case you're wondering what Xybort is going to be like, it will basically be a space shooter where you're shooting stuff in space. But here's the thing that will make it stand out: The alien ships will be moving around. And you can only shoot forward. So think a Xevious-type game, but without the pretty scrolling. And there will be different types of ships that do different types of things. How many different ships depends on how much room I have after I am done with the part where your ship shoots lasers.

Just to keep things in perspective, what I have now is 900 bytes or so. So yeah, this will be a 4k game. With my "Cedar Games" intro and title screen in one bank, and the game in the other. Long-time followers of my work may remember I started an Odyssey 2 Xevious clone, but I only got as far as the title screen. Well, the plan here is to make a full-fledged game with the idea I have. That is, if I don't get angry at it and decide to abandon it. I have trouble with Odyssey 2 programming due to all its dumb restraints that make no sense.

The Virtual Boy Hamburgers game is completed, my Pokemon Mini game about Frank the Fruit Fly is almost done (that took about 2 years!), so it's time I started a new big, time soaking project. I am just here making games waiting for myself to die. If people actually enjoy them, it's a bonus. And I discovered I love DeliMex chicken taquitos.


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