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Nosehairs for December 17.



I worked some more on the game. Here's a video of me playing it with the Stella emulator.

I made it so the nosehair demon chases you around the screen instead of him moving randomly. Since he now does this, I could delete a fair amount of code associated with the process of randomly moving around, and as a result I now have about 70 bytes left, which is up from about 30.

I also made it so you can play the game in black and white instead of in color. Though I doubt many people will, I just thought I'd put it in there because I did so in MidSpace and I figured I might as well do it here as well since I have enough room to.

I've found it's a good timewaster game. I say that because my rounds are usually about 7 minutes long or so, but it sure feels a lot shorter than that.



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