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Quiz Wiz madness



Latest Xybort news: Now you can move your ship and make it shoot out laser beams.


But most of my waking hours I've been super busy working on my Quiz Wiz game. What I'm doing is making my own trivia questions, but making sure the answers match the ones on cartridge #1 (the most common Quiz Wiz cartridge.) So when I'm done, I will put new labels on #1 cartridges. I have a long way to go to finish. Each cartridge has 1,001 questions. I'm betting a team of writers wrote the questions, but I'm just one guy so it will take much longer. I just now made question #135.

Each cartridge has questions with a wildly ranging difficulty. Some questions I figure "Who wouldn't know this?" and others "Who would know this?" And this is in the General Knowledge cartridge. And I am trying for a complete collection, and since apparently you can't get a bunch of cartridges without a console on eBay, by the time I get a complete set, I figure I'll probably have a few dozen of these consoles! My first duplicate besides #1 is #7 (Mystery Places) I'll be turning #1 copies into my cartridge copies.


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