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Hamburgers level 8.



I designed a level 8 for the game.


It's a beach scene. I still have to do music for it. Then levels 9, 10 and ending, and it will be all done. I am wondering though whether or not I should make a custom font for the game. I know how to, but I don't know if I should. I want some originality, but at the same time I want it to be legible like it is now.

I also worked some more on Pipe Down, that Odyssey 2 game I've been working on, changing things to make it better. Not running code that doesn't need to be run. That made it better and less flickery at the top when the guy dies. Sometimes the top of the top pipes flickered when a new enemy got on the screen. I was running too much code. I didn't need to run the high score-displaying code and something else I can't think of right now and as a result, the game is flicker-free.

The only problem with Virtual Boy graphics is that if you're making a scene outside, they all look like it's happening at night due to the black. It's hard coloring things with just 4 colors. Getting the colors right in level 8 took a while and multiple attempts. But I'm no skilled artist or colorer. Yet that doesn't stop me from having a daily webcomic no one reads.

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I'll preface with that I have zero knowledge on how VB works in general.

I see that you have items w/ a black outline. Could you not do the same on the trees, and use the same color as the trees for the sky, to create a bright scene? I did a quick mockup in Photoshop so obvs not 1:1, but something like this?


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The way the black works is that if you use it as a color, you need to get rid of another red hue, because one of the four needs to be transparent. I don't think I have enough room in the image to have trees and then have outlines of the trees. The tree's black outlines needs to be in the same area of the original image, and I'm already using more than half of the area allotted for the foreground. I might tinker around with what I have though to see if I can do it anyway.

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