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No more room



So after a well-deserved sleep (I slept for about 16 hours), at 2:30a.m. I was up and at 'em again. Made a new little enemy to replace the turtle. I think it looks kind of like a goomba, but I was careful not to make it look too much like one.


I had a little bit of room left, so I figured with it, I could animate the fireball. After using too much room, I simplified a little bit of code near it to make it fit. Very snugly, though, since even though I'm using 2,037/2,048 bytes, it won't compile if I add anything to that. But still, I doubt I could make an impact to the game using just 11 bytes.

Overall, I think I made a good little Mario Bros. clone for the Odyssey 2 using just 2k. I have 2 different enemies and a fireball. Stuff from Mario Bros. NOT added was the third enemy type, a fly that bounces up and down, and the Slipice character which makes the platforms slippery if not struck in time. I can't get much farther in the game than that, so there may be even more stuff in it. But I am proud of the animation I put in the game. I think it livens the game up, even though I bet I could put in the fly had it not been for the animation.


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