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Boss fight



Much of yesterday I put in the boss fight. I had to do some pretty bizarre and long things to the code to make it work, but it finally did. The boss is a giant milkshake that shoots onion rings at you. You need to shoot this monster milkshake 20 times in order to get to the next level.


Once the 20th shot has been hit, you still need to dodge the onion rings though, you'll still lose a life if the burger gets hit with one. Then the milkshake will move right, and then the burger will go after it to the next level. Just a little animation I put in to liven the game up a little (I call it animation even though the frames don't change.) Last night, I made it so the onion rings go all the way off the screen left before the new ones came out since it looked a little odd for the onion rings to be magically disappearing before they get to the left border. Tomorrow I may design the second level: Red City at Night. I didn't do any coding today. I'm taking a break from it since I have been coding a lot these past few days.


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