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Boss fight again



While I was checking the game to make sure it worked okay last night, I had some issue pop up once I got to the boss fight. The onion rings appeared before the giant milkshake came in from the right. I must have spent at least two hours trying to correct the dumb problem. After that it occurred to me that I had been putting in 'shakey' when I should have been putting in 'shakex'. A few tests later and everything worked out well. So NOW I can plan for level 2.

After about an hour of uploading the game onto the Flashboy over and over again and then going to the den to test it, I moved the Virtual Boy to my room, plugged it in, and sat it on the desk next to me so I didn't have to get up. I sat on my chair and was all hunched over so I could see, but at least I was sitting on the chair instead of sitting on the floor. Although I don't know which would be better. Man was I angry before I realized my mistake. A few times I wanted to give up completely, but I wanted another Virtual Boy game made, and I gave up on the Nosehair game.

A side note: I got a Supervision and Crystball in the mail today.

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