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It's Tuesday (well, almost, it's 11:56p.m. here) so I thought I'd share my progress on the Hamburgers game on Virtual Boy. I tried a couple days ago to get that score to be black, but it just wouldn't work. So I had to do something else. I thought a black bar would be kind of ugly, but that's exactly what I had to do:


As you can see, I made the background and foreground easier to distinguish by making the foreground high and mid colors and the background low and black. I also worked on making the milkshakes do different things. They go faster, then they slow down again but move up and down and then they "choose" which one to do between the three ways. After shooting 80 milkshakes, you will then go up.

I plan to put in a boss after every stage. This boss is a giant milkshake that shoots onion rings at you. Eventually the milkshakes will shoot onion rings at you as well. There's a space in the graphics of the game for a chicken nugget. This will eventually appear randomly sometimes and award you with an extra life, but only if you touch it. If you shoot it, it will disappear.

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