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Moving the nosehair demon around (and try the game out)



For those who are interested in my Nosehair game project, I've created a website where you can learn and try out the game. It's perhaps the only website dedicated to nosehairs. I got the nosehair demon to move around after a few HOURS of work. Well, it didn't take that long to code it, but I began having display issues where the sprite shifted pixels vertically when it got to a certain X position. So most of the time was spent on trying to get that taken care of. And then when it finally worked, I had to spend another half an hour on a game ending noise because I discovered if the game ended when you were pressing the fire button, when it became depressed, a new game started. That still happens, but at least you get a chance to depress fire without starting a new game (It's actually about 2 seconds.)

There is a small section of nosehair present in the nostril sticking out before you start the game, but it looked kind of amusing (and after unsuccessfully trying to get rid of it) I kept it in. I also briefly had the nose at the other side of the screen, but there was that same small bit of nosehair sticking out (on the other side of the screen), so after I got the code working, I moved it back to the left side.



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