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The nosehair demon. (Atari 2600)



I put in the nosehair demon in the game and someone was kind enough to help me figure out a problem with the sound so now I can use both channels. Previously, I was only able to use channel 1 but now I can use channel 0 as well. Other than that, not much has been worked on for the game. I hope to work on it later today. I just woke up and had breakfast (it's almost 10 a.m. here.)


I also made some artwork for the game. This happened when I got bored programming it. I like to draw pictures about my games I work on.


In case you're wondering, that pink box is a power-up I'm planning to put in the game. It will be missile 1 (since player 0 is the scissors and player 1 is the demon and missile 0 is the nostril and it can't be the ball because that has to be the same color as the playfield.)


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