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Between the liNES - Tetris



How did almost a whole week pass between my previous blog update?

Anyway, after reading about that kid who beat Tetris, I decided to play it myself. Here's how far I got.


Apparently it doesn't take very much to be a Tetris master. I crap out at level 19 because it gets way too fast and I can't control the pieces any more. I don't understand how tapping the underside of the controller is supposed to help ("rolling"). I wonder what the highest speed is. I remember playing Tetris DX and I could seemingly play forever. I once got over 700 lines in it. After 300 or so lines, the background goes black and quits changing. But I'll never know because this version of Tetris goes way too fast.


Here I actually got one line cleared on level 19. Whoopee. What I don't understand why it's the tenth palette yet it's only on level 19. Shouldn't it be the eighth palette (white, orange, blue)? You know what would have made this a great game? Battery saving high scores. But if even Super Mario Bros. 3 didn't get one, then, oh well.


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