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Between the liNES - Super Mario Bros.



Today I played NES. I wondered if it was possible to score over a million points and finish the game. Yes, but you must "cheat" in order to do so. In 3-2 you can build up your score to a million without losing very many lives and then proceed to beat the game. I watched some YouTuber get a million points. I was wondering why he kept dying, but I soon figured out why.

So all that talk about SMB made me want to play it. All I did was use infinite lives, nothing else. And I beat it a second time. I pressed B to select a world and I started at 8 and went through the game until 8-4 and won again. So hey, I figured if you can cheat in order to get to a million points, you can cheat to beat the game.

I have a tip. In 8-2 you can easily time it just right and find a hiding space here for a few seconds.


The Green Koopa Paratroopa won't land on the spot Mario is at, and after he passes then you can proceed. I never did get a million points legitimately:


But since I suck at just about everything, I consider this an accomplishment because I didn't warp at all. I went through all 32 levels. Yay. And it's my first NES game beaten this year. Perhaps I should see how many I can beat this year...

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