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Mountains are purple now.



With all this work on Mean Santa for the Game Boy...


I thought I'd take a little time to work on Flying Hamburgers for the Game Gear as well.

Today I added in the ability for the enemies to move up and down instead of just straight on. I am planning this out.

  • levels 1-3: head on, regular speed
  • levels 4-6: head on, regular or faster speed
  • levels 7-9: up and down movement or head on
  • level 10: a mixture of any of these.

I have also decided to put in an ending for the game. This came because it would take some more programming time to put in level intros for levels 11 onward. Plus, I want the player to sense a feeling of accomplishment knowing he made it to the end. "I beat 'Flying Hamburgers'!" Like that time I was playing X-box 360 because I never got a chance to get a Wii and I was playing Tetris and the game stopped and said I had beaten it. Granted, I didn't know you could beat Tetris, but I felt a sense of accomplishment.

So what I need to do right now is compose some music for level 5, the purply mountain and then think up of 4 more and then do level 10: the castle. I also took a little time to name the levels as well.

  1. Cloud Nine (and others)
  2. Caving In
  3. Deserted
  4. Reef Madness

I only have two empty banks and only 5 levels. I don't know if I'll be able to fit in 5 more levels. But I'll try.


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