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Sleepy Saturday



So I went to sleep at around 6 a.m. yesterday. And then I woke up at around midnight. So basically I spent most of Saturday asleep. I don't know why. But I figure if I didn't need to then I wouldn't have. So since midnight I have been working most of the time. All my work today was on Mean Santa. I could have worked less had I remembered I could make the background palette and the sprite palette different. I think that was the most troublesome part of my work. I am trying to make an endless runner-type minigame except that it ends. And it's not very long.


Soon I will put Santa in here and his job here is to jump over a few snowmen before going to loot more houses. I could have made it scroll, but that would involve more work, so I just decided to create the illusion that it's scrolling. So I put some little grass blades. At first I had the grass green here. Because it normally is green where I am. The last time snow was on the ground on Christmas was when I was 1 year old. But then I decided to make it have snow. I wish it would snow on Christmas. But it looks like another sunny day a little above freezing (around 40F).

I had to get rid of the Super Game Boy palette since I'm only allowed 1. If you count the number of different colors here, it's more than 4. So that's why. Each palette contains 4 colors. I get 16 palettes, 8 for the background and 8 for the sprites. What's odd about this is that's exactly how the Game Gear works and it was released 9 years prior to the GBC. Somehow I find it easier to work with palettes in the Game Gear rather than the GBC though.


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