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Palette change



So I played my Game Gear for the first time in a while. Man, orange is hard to see on a blue background. I tried to make it more visible by darkening the screen and it worked a little. I think the problem is the shape of the onion ring: It is hard to make an 8x8 O-shaped sprite visible like that. The nacho that the taco shoots is visible. I think putting a black border around the sprites like I did in the Virtual Boy game would not look as good if you actually have a color other than red.


I have been working on this more than I should have after I realized there were still some things to do in the "engine" mainly having to do with going up into the boss level. But I think I figured that stuff out, along with the amount of shots needed to defeat the boss, which magically broke for no good reason.

If this is my last blog entry before Christmas, have a merry one. And let's hope 2024 will bring this game having actual physical copies somehow.



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