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What color are germs?



I worked some more on the walls and I think I got them good now.

I also began work on the final battle between Mr. Germ and Stupidman. In doing so, I had to figure out something. What color are germs? Did you know that germs are bright green? Well, at least according to this game.


I also designed the dirt Mr. Germ constantly throws (it's brown, but I may have to recolor it since the floor ended up brown) and the soap bubbles will be white.

Here's how the final battle will work.

  • pressing A fires a soap bubble at Mr. Germ.
  • if Mr. Germ gets hit by a soap bubble, he'll decrease in size.
  • Mr. Germ follows Stupidman's y position, throwing atomic dirt at him as he does.
  • When Mr. Germ disappears, you beat the game.
  • If a bubble touches the dirt, they'll both disappear.

Today is my birthday. I worked on this game on my birthday. And I didn't get really upset. I think I won't press my luck and take the rest of the day off.


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