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Stupidman: better walls.



I worked on Stupidman some more. I made the walls better.


Tried to do something about the fact that the horizontal position is sort of off on the wall collision, but I couldn't so it will just have to stay that way. At least it looks better I think. I wasn't awake for half of Halloween. I went to sleep at about noon and woke up at around 2 a.m. on November 1 (today)

I also designed four frames of Mr. Germ. He'll start out as 4x4, then he'll shrink down to 4x3 if hit, 4x2 if hit again, and 4x1 if hit a third time. And if you hit him a fourth time, the game will end and you'll beat it.

I also made a few comics for at least the next 3 Sundays on my comics page. It's called "The Life of a Zamboni Driver." Kevin is a zamboni driver and Bertha is his wife. They live in Cincinnati with their dog named Rex. If anyone happens to be in Cincinnati, please tell me how many ice rinks there are there. I don't think there is an NHL team there, so I may have to move their location, which is OK because I haven't mentioned it in the comic strips yet.

Also, yesterday was my fourth anniversary of joining Video Game Sage. Yes, I joined on Halloween.


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