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My birthday (part 1)



So a birthday present of mine came early. It was a new office chair. I just spent the last 90 minutes (at least) assembling it. My right arm hurts. My birthday is November 2. So today is Halloween. I plan to spend the next few days relatively happy. Halloween is my favorite holiday. It signals the end of the sun. I hate the sun. It's too bright. Yesterday before I went to sleep, I worked a little on Stupidman. He is in the hideout now.


I went through the whole maze to make sure the walls work correctly. One place it doesn't is at the final screen. This is because it's marked as room type #10 and I have no code to make it deal with it being room type #10 so it goes to the previous room type. But this is okay. I can just make some code to make it deal with it being room type #10 (move on to the final fight).

A problem was taking the old chair out of my room. Another problem was putting the new chair into my room. But that's done. We don't get any trick-or-treaters here where I am (everyone here is too old.) I lived here before. I was about to turn 11. Me and a friend went trick-or-treating around here and everyone was surprised they got an actual trick-or-treater here. Then I moved away. And then I came back to the same neighborhood (That is a long story).

So everyone, have a safe and happy Halloween. And don't waste a few hours assembling an office chair they said it was easy to do in the reviews but turned out not to be.

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