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I decided to make some small changes to the Stupidman game, which actually IMHO helped the game out somewhat.  Stupidman's feet now face left when he walks left. I think that was a big part of what the game needed. I also made a couple other small changes to the sprites making up Stupidman. Stupidman now looks a lot better than what he did, even though they were small changes. Another thing I noticed were the grocery store aisles being really crappily drawn. So I fixed that:


Still crap, but less so when compared to what I had.

One thing I'd like to change is this: right now main() is just one giant collection of while statements. But two things are preventing me tackling it: 1.) the while statements are numerous, and 2.) the game works. I fear if I mess with it and make, say, level1(), level2(), etc. it may break the game. I remember having lots of page problems when making the NES burgers game. But when I compile Stupidman in its current form, it works.

So next times, tomorrow or sometime, here's what I need to do:

  • compose eerie sounding music for the hideout and another one for the big fight.
  • design the floor plan for the hideout
  • design an 8x8 sprite for Mr. Germ
  • program that all in there.

I am also wondering if I should make the beginning score 9,999 instead of 999,999. The score gets lower and lower until the game ends. I plan for it to display your final score at the end. Another thing I need to do is check for a score of 0 and if it actually reaches 0 make the game go back to the title screen.


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