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Another return of Stupidman



I was working on my Game Boy game of Superhero Man when it occurred to me that I never finished the game I was basing it off of. So tonight I dipped my toes back into NES C. I have to get re-used to doing stuff, re teach myself because it's been about a year since I did anything. I am not going to get the poor reviews for HERTS to stop me, I still want to finish this project. If it's crappy, so be it. I just want it to be a FINISHED crappy project,

Follow my progress of this at the official Stupidman NES game webpage.

The last time we left Stupidman, he was on his way to Mr. Germ's hideout to try to kill him with the soap he bought. I have a new idea for Act 6: Go through the hideout to find Mr. Germ. Once Mr. Germ has been found, Act 7 will be the battle between Stupidman and Mr. Germ. Mr. Germ's hideout is a large palace.

I first thought of Stupidman when I was in the fourth (?) grade, and here I am, a few decades later, still working on Stupidman-related projects. I had to go back and fix a bug allowing you to effectively skip Act 4. I had just finished Act 5 when I quit for some reason:


Stayed awake until 5 a.m. and got up at 3 p.m. I hate sleeping despite the fact that when I do sleep, I sleep for 14 hours. It's almost 3 a.m. as I'm writing this now. And I don't want to go to sleep! Sleep is stupid. We should just renew our energy with FOOD, not force the body to be inactive for long periods of time. I guess it's two fold: 1.) My mind is always active, I always like to work on my projects or start new ones, and 2.) It's because of this I can't shut my mind off, so I lay in bed for like an hour trying to force sleep on me.


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