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Metal Gear Solid PS1 (pt.8)



Insert DISC 2

If I recall correctly, disc 2 isn't quite as long as disc 1 gameplay wise, in fact I believe it was quite short. I think the majority of content on d2 is probably cutscenes, so realistically it's home stretch time now. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to wrap up this playthroughs and the first part of this series by part 10 at the latest. 

I'm curious if anyone reading this (if in fact anyone IS reading this) has any thoughts on the length of each of these. I've basically sat any written what I could with each play session and that's become each article. Let me know if the length is ok, or if they should be longer. 

After I'm done this playthroughs the rest of these posts will be primarily talking about my progress in getting better at the game, and will likely be roughly one post per playthrough or even less. It'll depend on how quickly I git gud. 


I will be watching you... Understand!? 

Gosh I do sure love Metal Gear. The fight with Vulcan Raven is really fun and even if you kinda cheese it with the Nikita you're still pretty open for being snuck up on while you fly the missile around. 

Anyway, after you beat Raven he gives you a hint that if you've paid REALLY close attention to all the cutscenes, could lead you to the truth of your current situation (not that you can DO anything about it...). He reveals that the DARPA Chief was actually Decoy Octopus in disguise. This is the final piece of info given to Snake which should be all he needs to know to realize that the terrorists don't actually have launch capability on the nuke. In fact Metal Gear is completely useless at the moment because they don't know the "trick" to the card key, which is actually the only way to get it working now since they killed the actual DARPA Chief by "accident" (Ocelot making that mistake is pretty questionable...). 

At any rate, yeah, they need Snake to figure out the card key override system for them because they're too dumb apparently, and they killed the Chief without getting his half of the two codes (Baker talked while interrogated). The Chief never talked and died on the table so the activation codes are useless. 

All of this info has been given to the player (and Snake) at this point, but you have to move forward regardless. Snake ain't got time for no puzzle nonsense, he's got a nuke to stop. 

It's just some great writing for a video game, the likes of which we don't see often in today's games. Really good stuff. 


The great back and forthening. 

Excuse me while I run back and forth for like, ever, doing all the work for the terrorists. 

I'm gonna end this here since I have a lot of running around to do in-game getting the PAL Key bit over with. Looks like the next one of these will be the end of the game! 


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I think the blog length is fine, but my interest is helped by the fact that I really enjoy and know this game very well.  

I'm starting to remember the amount of backtracking this game includes.  It's one of the few things I wasn't crazy about even when the game was new.  I felt that it was put in to help pad the length of the game.  


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Yeah, I agree.  Length is fine and it's definitely interesting.  I think these would be a bit hard to follow without having played the game.  You definitely get a lot more out of reading through it, having some knowledge of the game.  It'd be a bit confusing otherwise.  But...if someone is reading this far and hasn't ever played MGS, well shame on them!  They need to go play it! ha 🙂


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Oh Metal Gear Solid. God, the first game I broke my teeth on for the genre. I was 21, 22 when I FINALLY beat it. And to this day, close but no cigar. Its his second half of the battle that gets me.

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3 minutes ago, 8bithustler said:

Oh Metal Gear Solid. God, the first game I broke my teeth on for the genre. I was 21, 22 when I FINALLY beat it. And to this day, close but no cigar. Its his second half of the battle that gets me.

If you wanna feel REALLY bad, go watch an All Bosses speed run of the game. Makes you feel... Insignificant. 

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Oh god, I already feel like a tool with this game. Maybe when I need a swift kick in an uncomfortable place, i will have to do that. Thanks Gloves.

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