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Upmonster for Virtual Boy



So awhile back, I made an Intellivision game called "Upmonsters" about a group of monsters who keep jumping up on clouds that keep popping up while it scrolls up.

I ran out of ideas for my Minigame Mayhem. So someone suggested some stuff and so I looked back on all the games I created, and decided to attempt a port of the game for it.

This is the result. I made it so the game autoscrolls up. And the goal has been changed so that the point of the game is to see how far up you can go. But other than that, it's mostly all there: The bird, the bird's warning chirp, the clouds.


With the fact that now I can make some games "unlocked," I will make this one of them. A new goal is to have 12 games, half of which are locked. If you beat a certain score on one of the games, a new game will be unlocked. But for now they will all be unlocked so people can easily test them and find bugs if there are any.

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Awesome! I'm always excited to see activity in the VB community, keep it up!


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