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While I'm trying to think of some new ideas, I thought I'd look back on Minigame Mayhem's first couple of games and see if I can change them and make them better. Today I took "Cartful Dodger" and made it better. I made it go faster every ten points until it gets its fastest at 90. I also changed the peoples' graphics a little. It now looks like this:


I also changed the menu a little to show that you have the ability to unlock some.


If you try to open a locked game, a buzz will happen and you can't get into it. Upmonster will be the first locked game, but it's open now so it's easier to get to and test. I had to work a little to make it so trying to open the locked games doesn't make the text blink. I don't know why it did, but I think I figured out how to stop it.

Next up is making The Candyman better. I think the rest of the minigames are good.


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