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Save states



So I learned how to make save states. This can be useful.

For example, I can now make an "unlockable" game. If a player scores a certain score, a game can be then unlocked and then it can save that it's been unlocked so you can go back to it even when you power the VB off and then turn it back on again. In order for this to work, the Virtual Boy cartridge would require a battery. I don't know how plentiful that would be or how feasible it would be to get cartridges made if they need batteries to back up memory.

I've been toying with a new minigame based on Doodle Jump with a few differences:

  • the platforms (in this case clouds) are always scrolling. If you need to stop for some reason, you can just pause the game.
  • the score changes when a platform gets down off the screen.

I tried to make it more similar, but it didn't work well enough for me to approve.


There is still work to be done on the doodle jump game, like make sure you are able to jump on a cloud, and/or add some more clouds to jump on. I am tired of error messages for today so I'll quit for now.


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