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Dabbling with Game Boy Color



I finally got around to dabbling in Game Boy Color coding. My goal was to see if I could make a lemon yellow when it was on a GBC, and light gray on a normal GB. Mission accomplished:

mhtal-3.png.1ae0d31f47f2b67147deba2a17655210.png  mhtal-4.png.8c2249e4cf7f7c4221c7329264037390.png

I also put in a red color. There's also a third, which is brown. The goal of the game I want to make is make it like Fast Food only have the food go from left to right AND right to left, AND up and down as well. The history teacher is only wanting to eat lemons while avoiding the hamburgers. I want the hamburger bun to be yellow, the patty to be brown, and the ketchup to be red. Sort of like the Yum! game I made for the Game Gear only the guy can move around instead of closing his mouth to avoid food.

So I think I'm going to have to give up on X vs. O since yesterday one time it started a new game without me pressing o on the keyboard. This after playing the thing for 15 minutes.


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