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  1. Hi Guys! I am an NES Collector that is sitting at about 517 games right now and am looking to trade some Ps2 games for them if anyone is interested. I have probably around 2-3,000 Ps2 games available including some loose manuals, artwork, strategy guides, and loose discs that would be great for replacements. There's also 5 full rows on the backside of each black rack. Games vary in condition and I can get better pictures for you as needed. Just PM me anything you may be looking for. There's probably nothing rare that's earth shattering but it would be a great way to bolster your Ps2 collection. Here's my want list: KittyDogurt's Collection (gamevaluenow.com) Thanks in advance!
  2. Just wondering if this is an authentic Nintendo cabinet. Anyone familiar with this one? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I have these available if interested. I'm a reputable Ebay Seller With 100% feedback and my username is kittydogurt3217 if you are unsure. My store name is Retro-Spuds. www.retrospuds.com This is what i have available on your list... Destroy All Humans 2 (No Manual) Area-51 (No Manual) Darkwatch The Chronicles of Riddick Dugeons & Dragons: Heroes Goblin Commander (No Manual) The Thing (Manual ONLY) All of them have great working discs but there are stickers on the cases. If we did work out a deal, my wife does a great job at cleaning all that stuff off before i ship. I also have many many more xbox games available. Thanks
  4. I have three huge shelves of OG Xbox games for sale/trade for anyone who would be interested. Feel free to shoot me a message.
  5. Hi, folks! I migrated here from nintendoage and have an ebay store. Just thought i would post this here to show what i have available. Visit RetroSpuds to see what all is available. If we can make a deal outside of ebay i will cut you a better deal as well. Check it out...
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