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  1. Weren't the exhibition discs pack-ins with consoles? If so, that could explain the rarity. Console sales at the end of its life span are minimal.
  2. Ok, here are all the complete duplicates I could find. I also have some loose discs as well, like Gunvalkyrie and The Warriors, though I doubt many people are into loose discs. Looking to trade for any complete xbox games that I don't yet own. My collection is here: https://collection.gamevaluenow.com/share/collection?id=1141
  3. I think I have 50-60 for trade. They are in the back of my storage room, but hoping I can unbury them next week.
  4. Yes, many days spent constantly checking Ebay saved searches. There are a ton for XBOX...Parellel Lines limited Edition was supposed to be kind of common, but still haven't seen one on the market.
  5. I reached 350-400 putting alot of my effort in harder to find variants and that is what broke me on my first go around. No more variant hunting from here on out.
  6. Currently renovating so all my games are boxed up right now...these pictures are making me anxious to finish up and break out the shelving
  7. I'm in for 360 games as well.
  8. Wow, that's crazy! I am currently without a console because mine broke, but I have played ALOT. When you retire, I trust you will thank your younger self for the hours of goodness you have coming in that library.
  9. I am finally back into the game after a 1 1/2 hiatus. Anybody still around looking to trade some XBOX games?
  10. Jeevan, good to see your still on! Life and business got crazy hectic at the same time and had to put Video Games aside for a while...Things are still crazy, but I see life slowing down again by the end of the year and just made my first retro game purchases in probably two years...So all that being said, I plan on hopping back in, but it may not be until January. Hopefully we can get a good core group to participate in the '22 N64 thread
  11. I remember renting that when it came out and being let down, but I also may have unfairly expected it to match up to GTA.
  12. Anybody still around collecting XBOX?
  13. I thought so, but then noticed 3rd party titles in the list and started to wonder. Thanks for the info!
  14. Going through my collection and noticed a wall street kid with hangtab. Noticed it isn't on your list...did sellers put on hang tabs second-hand?
  15. That is sweet! I have searched for a few of those for years without any luck. Congrats on such a unique and difficult to acquire collection!
  16. May 30, 2020 Sale of Xbox demos to Nugfish Nugfish's feedback: flawless transaction with fast shipping!
  17. Thanks @Jeevan. Its lucky # 30 for me this year.
  18. Definitely. I almost started War Gods last weekend, but just didnt feel it. I think I will really get into 'em if I can just get jumpstarted.
  19. Both of those are fun. I am currently on the last tournament in Roadsters and have been enjoying that as well...come to think of it, this may be the first Titus game I have enjoyed...
  20. Bump. Everything is still available except Double Dragon 2, Section Z, and Dr Mario for NES
  21. DK64 There is so much to do in this game. I just love it!
  22. Bumping this thread. Any other OG XBOX traders around?
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