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  1. 4 hours ago, ZeldaFreak said:

    Holy crap, @Masterofzelda hooked me UP this year! Funny that my Secret Santa turned out to be another fan of Zelda, judging by their name, haha.

    There's so much stuff in this one package. Too much stuff for a single picture, in fact!

    But before I get to the actual gifts, I would like to point out one thing I noticed on the shipping label itself:


    Thanks, USPS 🙄 And according to the label, the shipping cost almost $14! Sorry it got to me so late @Masterofzelda, but hey, at least it did eventually get here! Better late than never 🙂

    Anyway, on to the actual pics, and the items I got!


    First off, we've got:

    3 Decals from various game franchises
    2 Zelda ornaments (one of them being brass!)
    3 Pins from various game franchises
    2 Funko Pop figures
    A wallet
    And a lanyard!

    Already so much stuff, but we've barely even scratched the surface!




    Next up, we've got:

    2 Packs of old scratch-offs (Love getting old stuff like this!)
    A Nintendo Switch cleaning cloth
    A digital wristwatch
    A Twilight Princess HD Soundtrack CD (Absolutely amazing, love getting CDs like this!)
    2 Breath of the Wild puzzle piece sets
    2 Small posters

    And then, on to the main event:



    A Castlevania vinyl! Was SO stoked to see this when I opened up the package, I absolutely LOVE vinyls like this!

    Thank you so, SO much @Masterofzelda, this year's secret santa was absolutely amazing! Let me know if I missed anything though, you included so much stuff in this package that it honestly wouldn't surprise me that much if I missed something, hahaha!

    Sorry it got to you so late. It took awhile for the castlevania vinyl to get to me. I am very happy you enjoyed your surprise, I would have added more but was running out of space in the box. As one Zelda fan to another I had to give you the hook up. If there is other stuff you are looking for feel free to ask I can find just about anything. 

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  2. So as a comic and game collector nostalgia takes the biggest part of this. Unfortunately the way the market is everyone that is a perfectionist has raised the value of them higher and higher needing the mint most perfect ones. For comics the grading concept is a great idea for older comics to help preserve them from deteriorating but grading new comics is pointless.(unless your only a reseller and have no love for the industry and prefers greed over the community) but most books should be read and enjoyed. The same goes to video games if a game is sealed or is a one of a kind prototype then grading is fine for the preservation of the games. Grading cib or loose games I feel is a joke the people who do that are just out for the money and don’t care about the true love and joy of the games. Now as time has continued the use of ROMS has been more and more so you can still play the games but the collectors market has definitely started shifting. I have also noticed  many horders have been stock piling selected games making certain games more desirable like key comics. 
    Ocourse this is just my opinion 

  3. My Santa is still a surprise for me but you have out done yourself. Zelda has been my childhood favorite game ever since my father taught me how to play. So this gift hit it right out of the park. I will add these into my collection and keep them forever. The imports help out greatly since I have not started searching for them all yet. Thank you again Santa. 


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  4. On 12/25/2019 at 11:43 AM, Murray said:

    First I would like to give a big shout out to @captmorgandrinker for pulling off another great year. Hope you enjoyed that Baileys buddy you deserve it. My Secret Santa was also a secret this year and boy did they hit it out of the park! I’m truly amazed at the level of thought that effort went into this gift. I have never owned a comic book before so thank you for making my first extra special!


    Always a great time hangin' out and drinkin’ whiskey with the Colorado Crew.  @Richardhead @JamesRobot @SuperJimtendo


    Thanks again Santa! Please feel free to toss me a PM so I can thank you personally. Judging from the liquor store receipt tucked away neatly in the bottom of the bag, you got great taste in booze!

    Now if you will excuse me I’m going to fire up the ol PS1 and start playin’ space!

    Murray Christmas everyone!


    Very happy to see you enjoy your gifts. 

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