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  1. Weird getting a massive quality drop uploading from my phone. In any case I jumped the gun they're (R) not (TM) copies
  2. Oh time to check I know I have a Heavy Barrel with the oval have to check the others
  3. Thanks so much for shedding some light! That SMB3 manual definitely looks like the same sort of thing. Also your box-with-a-hole is something I hadn't thought of at all, but it makes a ton of sense! Would be funny if that manual and this cart were part of some swiss-cheese-hole Mario box at some point haha As for the slight tint variations for games like Adventure Island II, that's good to know too. The differences were definitely subtle, but noticeable side by side. I like using "intended" color as a good rule of thumb - I'll keep that in mind. I'm working through sorting a couple hundred
  4. @Bubbapauls first off of your list is awesome thanks so much for compiling and organizing it all! BUT I was using this as a temple for a personal checklist and noticed card #14 is listed as Gargoyle's Quest (II) when its actually Gargoyle's Quest. Just wanted to point it out.
  5. Hey guys - wondering if anyone has an idea about whether or not these would be errors or variants at all? I've had a ton of each of these come by my hands and most of them are similar, but I noticed a copy of Adventure Island II I found seemed to have a uniformly different shade of blue/green for the background. Normally I would figure this is just sun fading, but none of the other colors seem to be affected at all. Thoughts? For Super Mario Brothers 3 - this one also seems weird to me. The top label has this pale white cloud shaped splotch. The blue doesn't seem smeared or faded, there are
  6. Responding at 2am after a long day of work and pre turkey preparations so please forgive if I'm particularly incoherent. -That's a really good point a complete list of variants is difficult to pin down but I'd like to at least categorize them. Or know that they have been categorized. -I already made the distinction between Oval TM vs R from my own collection but do we know which games do and don't have that distinction? I also had no Idea about the oval in Spanish text. That'll be fun to look out for! -My cut off is situations where something is being added to the art no matt
  7. Does anyone have a compiled variant list? I know no list is ever really finished but someone has to have put something together right? I know NA had a beautiful searchable database but sadly wayback wasn't able to save it all. 3 vs 5 screw is covered amazingly here already but even amongst that there are variants like 5screw Kid Icarus with and with out made-in-japan label. I know theres a rare variant thread here but its appropriately titled and only going into what is rare. This goes into why backs are different and general cib goodnes White-black vs black-gold vs white-gold seal?
  8. HeyHiHello! We're a couple of gaming recluses. We spent a lot of years posting on Gamefaqs back in the day before jumping on IG from 2013-17 and trying to find some gaming communities. We started collecting back in 2000 when a family move caused us to lose track of our games. While we dropped in and out of having an online presence we never stopped collecting and still remember the early days where we left behind boxed NES games if they cost us more than $0.50. Always knew about NA and only lurked but happy to join VGS!
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