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  1. whats not worth grading at this point. I'm sure the PAL version will be collectable, I would grade it if it was in good condition.
  2. Who are these people, and where do they get all their money is what I want to know. Are these really just comic book collectors getting into this? If that's the case I didn't know there were so many incredibly rich comic book collectors with money to waste like this.
  3. Zoom into that super Mario bros, multiple holes/rips and scratches, don't know much about wata grading but it's far from mint.
  4. No I'm watching his videos, I actually feel sorry for him, here's a wata unboxing he posted Multiple graded atari ets and assassins creed for 360 that arent even good grades, this is the last guy who should have a channel giving advice to collectors/"investors".
  5. I want to punch this guy in the face. Yes buy the worst game in history for your "portfolio", very good idea.
  6. not sure what gamecube sets go for but its like 25 dollars a game, makes things super easy too if you want that type of thing, paying postage on 500 seperate games must be kind of annoying, I guess this was probably a pick up or something as well with how big it is? compared to the money been thrown on wata games doesn't seem like such a bad buy in the scale of things
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