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  1. I totally forgot to post this when it came out... but enjoy! Our panel recording:
  2. Slowly but surely, the videos from MAGFest 2020 are being released on their YouTube page. There's plenty of concerts already up, and our panel video should be among the next set of videos released, so keep an eye out for that.
  3. The only thing cooler than board games is playing board games.
  4. Back in Season One, I promised a 100K run of Marble Madness. Figured it was about time to edit and upload it!
  5. Panel confirmed: FMV: From Movies to Videogames Friday, 8:30pm, MAGES 2
  6. We are confirmed! Waiting for official panel announcements. Likely there all four days, but no idea when things are happening yet.
  7. Well, somebody's got to get the party started in this part of the forum! WGS produces IONGAMING, our catch-all show for let's plays, reviews, challenges, and lecture panels related to games. When we're not producing episodes for the channel, we're headed to conventions to give talks on any number of game-related topics. Stop by anytime to see what we're playing, and thanks for supporting the channel! https://www.youtube.com/winteriongamestudios https://patreon.com/winterion
  8. Same vibe. I have a natural aversion to tables with notorious drains, partly because they tend to chase away more casual players that I might want to share the table with.
  9. That... was not a very exciting trade deadline.
  10. Ahh. I remember taking a lot of my IT courses there back in 2007-ish. For a while, nothing could top the Frisco Wrap the cafeteria there made
  11. The Internet is for cats. Here's our own Zeldacat, original gato from the historic video gaming district of Clifton, VA. She is a good and noble tortie with built-in sunbeam detection and cricket hunting skills. She even recorded a speedrun for our channel!
  12. Job 1 - Application Engineer and Technical Trainer for a federal contractor based outside of Washington DC Job 2 - Professor at George Mason University's School of Computer Game Design Job 3 - Founder and owner of Winterion Game Studios
  13. Happy Trade Deadline Day, everyone! May Santa bring your favorite franchise an early present.
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