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Console Dust Covers

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I don’t remember anyone ever really talking about this before. But I got interested in getting some dust covers for my consoles sometime this fall. Got really tired of having to clean them off on occasion. Especially ones with grillz, like Ataris and NES. So ai looked around for a bit and saw some different options. I ended up buying one from ebay and it was really nice and good quality, but they had a limited selection. 

Then I stumbled upon printer boy dust covers. That are made to look like the actual consoles.


and they have everything! Every console and combination I could think of…well except for one, Intellivision with Intellivoice attached, but anything else seems to be there. 

All major variations of the big consoles (think Snes vs Snes jr? Check

All color variations of N64? check

PIKACHU N64!!!??? check

It was a dream cone true. So I ordered a few to try out. I got one for my consoles lowest in my entertainment center/lowest to the ground and therefore more likely to get dusty. 

I got the OG NES, SNES and SNES Jr, Sega Master System, and standard N64

They exceeded my expectations. They look fantastic, real nice printing on the material. I chose the vinyl material (they have other options) and it feels like soft pleather-y material. The fit it just right to snuggly fit over the consoles. Not too tight as to be difficult to put on, and not too lose as to look like a blanket thrown over the console. In addition they have the areas cutout for the power and av cables, unlike other dustcovers ive seen. So no need to unplug the cables.

If anyone is interested in something like this I highly recommend them.

I should add they are based in Mexico so shipping can take awhile. I ordered mine on Dec 4th and they just got here today. Some of that is surely due to the holidays but worth noting.

pictures attached 


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11 minutes ago, TrekMD said:

I've seen those and they do look nice.  I've gotten  my covers from this vendor on Ebay:  papa*nannysfunstuff  They are different as they are leather with embroidered logos or console names but they are also quite nice.

That’s actually the place I got the one on ebay I mentioned. I know that seller was a husband/wife team on atariage as well where I think its where they started. Im pretty sure the husband, sadly passed away some time ago but the wife still makes the covers by hand.I have the Colecovision one from them. They are really high quality and I can’t disparage them. They just don’t have the variety I really want. Other than that nothing wrong with them

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