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Nintendo 64 Weekly Contest Round 6: Pilotwings 64


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Hello and welcome to the sixth round of the Nintendo 64 Weekly Contest!  This week's game is Pilotwings 64.  Choose from three different vehicles or play various bonus games in this classic flight simulator!  For this contest though, only your rocket belt skills will be tested!


- Play Beginner Class, Rocket Belt, Test 1 Balloon Crash.
- Play Class A*, Rocket Belt, Test 1 Metropolis Dance and Test 2 Touch & Go
- You may choose any pilot you want and you don't have to use the same pilot for every test.
- Highest combined score of these three tests wins.
- Take 2 pictures for each test, one showing your time immediately after finishing the test and one of the results screen.
- Be quick! Your time will disappear very quickly after finishing the test.  I'd suggest either recording a video while paying or pausing right before finishing to get your camera ready.
- If more than one participant achieves a perfect score in all three tests, fastest combined completion time wins.
- If you do not get a perfect score, you do not need to include pictures of your times.

- You have until 11:00 PM EST on Sunday, January 23, 2022 to submit your score.

*Note: You must Unlock Class A by scoring at least 70 points for each vehicle in Beginner Class.  If you already have a save file with Class A unlocked, you still must replay through Beginner Class before moving on.  If you are unable to unlock Class A, you may still score points by playing the Beginner Class test.

For general contest rules, click here:


Good luck and have fun!


1. 300 points , 2'44"85 (Krunch)

2. 300 Points, 2'51"53 (Splain)

3. 97 Points (Jeevan)

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Events Helper · Posted

I am not any good at this without practicing and I have not been able to practice with everything going on.  I did get a decent score on the first round, just shy of perfect, but ya, kinda shitty too lol.  Anyway, participation, i should move up a few if no one else posts anything 😉  Having never played Pilotwings, kinda stunted me i guess.  Never played any of them, seems like a fun game, but not as good at it as what i feel i could be.  3d thinking is hard 😕



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Just now, Splain said:


nice job @Krunch

Dude!!! I just pulled it.  I misread before and thought I had it.  Went and started settling down and went in the thread.  Realized I was still in second at 8:35.  Rushed to my TV and came and improved the rings and pads.  Pads my score before wasnt great I spent the least time on pads.

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