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Astro Mini 2


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I won't deny I'm interested, but that price for me is a bit on the heavy handed side too for something that would be more casually than seriously used.  The LRG run of Astro City was about my top end of such devices, even with my cares for the Neo Geo Mini due to how they did the game rosters largely it took that first $50 price cut a year or two back to grab that.

1945 Strikers, Gunbird, Raiden, Sonic Wings(aka Aerofighters), Grind Stormer, even the old sega familiars of Zaxxon and Tatsujin caught my eye, but equally so there are some I'd never touch and others depending how they play I would or not.  With the tax hammer having dropped by then I can't just pull something off the shelf anymore to lessen the blow either as an option. 😞

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This lineup is absolutely insane!!!

I know it's just a small MAME computer with a bunch of roms on it, but even the licensing, and just the gall to release all of these games in one big package.
For the last several decades, even one of these games released as a real shitty lazy home port in a standalone release would have been big news.

Battle Bakraid? Tatsijin Oh? Out Zone? BATSUGUN?? GOD DAMN BATRIDER???
Hell, even V-V and Dogyuun is big news.

These guys are beating M2 to the punch here with a lot of the games in their release pipeline. I'm surprised it was even possible to do this.

On 12/17/2021 at 5:53 PM, DefaultGen said:

That's pretty neat. Tatsujin Oh is an FM Towns exclusive otherwise right?

It's an arcade game originally, like all of those other games. Pretty sure that's the one they put on there.

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