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Mario Bro 3 Challenge Set Edition


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A few years ago my friend texted he had a NES Challenge set unopened. I went and picked it and upon inspection the Game was still sealed never opened a 10/10 on condition and the components were all in their bags and sealed but the system was different. Serial didn’t match. 

I’ve toyed with getting this game graded but I have asked 1 reputable sealed seller and he said it wouldn’t grade as sealed/ new. Is this true?

as far as I know this game was never shrink wrapped just sealed with the sticker. I know peoples opinions vary on grading in general but my question is will this grade sealed or not?  Thanks

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That is correct it was wrapped around the front and over the top/bottom slightly around the back saying Challenge Set on it.  But given how snooty and uptight collecting grading gets maybe he's right?  It doesn't meet the standards usually for a sealed game because it's not shrink wrapped just sticker sealed.  But that also doesn't fit as early NES black box games were sticker sealed too and not wrapped.

I'd honestly just contact VGA and see what their email response would be about grading would be if it's considered in their sealed or complete guidelines, and if complete would require being completely with the challenge set.

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2 hours ago, max2dgam1ng said:

Yes I know but with wait times as they are. With Wata I would do the $125 grade speed but don’t want them to get it and not grade it as sealed. Since the game came this way out of the challenge set I figured it should be fine. 

Check the pricing again. That's $125 on top of the previous tier price.

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