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Video Game Merchandise -- The Thread!


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I like video game swag! My favorite is soundtrack CDs, but there are lots of other cool stuff. Most people like one of three things


Of course, there is a ton of other cool collectibles, so I thought it would be nice to have a general thread for game-related merchandise. In fact, I just recently found out about this pretty sweet headset 🙂



At $295 this is NOT cheap... but the quality is superb! How do I know? I've been using Grado Labs headsets for years now, and they are the best headphones I've ever used. They are all handmade in Brooklyn, and use high-quality material. Although $295 is not cheap, there are numerous headphones far more expensive. I've actually used headphones that are $1000+ and to be honest, they are not any better (price is obviously tied in to names and marketing, not necessarily quality). Anyway, I'm seriously considering picking-up a pair. They're also a really cool collectible 😁

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