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Suggestion: Leaving Reactions in Activity

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Administrator · Posted

The way it works is a liiiiittle more complicated than just plopping it onto that section of the site. That said, I've testest literally doing just that and it "worked" so it might not be too bad - the primary issues are:

  1. Space - the activity feed could start to feel cluttered if I start adding features to it, including this
  2. When I clicked on my test version of implementing this, it did work - it added a "Like" to the post I clicked; however it also took me to that post, so I'd have to come up with a way to have it not do that.

Likely it'd mean making a whole separate version of the "Like" mechanism specifically to work on Activity, and the biggest concern there is that if there are software-side changes to that functionality it'd become something I'd have to keep updating with new releases.

Based on the OP in this thread only getting two reactions, it doesn't seem to be something that people are really clamoring for, so IMO the juice might not be worth the squeeze, as it were.

Know, however, that I have (as I say above) looked into it, and roughly estimated the time and effort involved in making it happen. Feedback is always appreciated whether it ends up implemented or not, so thanks for providing feedback.

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