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Sega Screams Volume 2


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I've had a saved search for this for YEARS hoping for a clueless BIN to pop up. This is the only hit it's ever received, unfortunately an auction! Very rare Saturn disc. Good luck to any serious Sega collectors out there 😮 


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I'm shocked that in 2021 I can still learn new things about what I'm collecting for. I checked my collection because I was SURE I had every Saturn demo disk type thing... but this didn't look familiar.

Sure enough, I don't have this. So wild! I never knew it existed until now. 

Anyone know what this came packaged with? A certain game or magazine or mail out?

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Since we are on the topic of Saturn demos, and some of you seem to be collectors, can anyone tell me anything about this?  I asked about this at NintendoAge and SegaAge back in 2017 and I didn't get any replies outside of "that's neat."  

I found this at Goodwill back in 2015 and always thought it was odd that it came in a long box jewel case, but also included a cardboard sleeve that I would expect most demos to come in.  I've considered the fact that the jewel case might be a custom printed cover that someone put into a spare case, but quality of the insert is pretty much identical to original Saturn games, and I wouldn't expect custom printed covers to be that close of a match to originals back in 2015 (or most likely much earlier).  





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