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Fair price for yellow Korean Game Boy Pocket w/ dead screen?


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  • The title was changed to Fair price for yellow Korean Game Boy Pocket w/ dead screen?

I don't know that there's any premium put on foreign handhelds by most folks, so I'd go with the average value of a GB Pocket minus the normal price of a replacement screen.  Some quick checking shows systems going for around $40-50 on average (minus special editions), screens going for $20-30, and parts/broken systems going for $20-30, so I'd say $20-30 and you're all set.

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10 hours ago, Tyree_Cooper said:

I see the point but then all variants and reprints of a game or console would have exactly the same price for a given condition...?? But thanks for the input anyway 🙂 i guess you're only interested in USA releases 

I mean, I personally don't turn my nose up at non-local (non-US) releases so long as I can actually use/play them, but it's just not my personal wheelhouse.  I'm not aware of anything that would make a Korean release GB Pocket worth significantly more than a Japanese or US one (as they're all region free, IIRC, so the only real difference should be the language on the back label), and this one doesn't appear to be any sort of special/premium release version, so I'd price it in the same range that I would US/Japanese/whatever systems of the same type.  It's neat that it's an import, but I don't know that that makes it any more valuable to anyone just in the market for a system versus the crowd that specifically goes out of their way to pick up import stuff.  🤷‍♂️

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Any time I've sold official Taiwanense version Game Boy machines, or even the GB clones, of similar condition, it's been $20-$30, and usually a hard sell - I'd have it for months or years until someone would randomly bite.

As a rule, the Korean stuff generally sells for more than the HK / ROC / Asia stuff, so maybe shoot for $50. No idea why this trend is either, I personally think the big Korean collectors just cornered and control the market, sort of like the diamond market, rather than the items actually being rarer. 

Just my opinions.

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