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Zelda Softback Collection


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Wanted to share my softback collection, most are either brand new or NM/MT in condition. Been collecting all these for about 5 years now. I also have all the hardbacks since Prima been releasing them over the last decade. Maybe i’ll show those off sometime if anybody is interested.  My favorite of all these has to be the Link’s Awakening Players Guide 🙂


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1 hour ago, drxandy said:

Didn't know there was a players choice guide for four swords neat!

Super cool collection, show off the hardcovers!!

Basically unless it's on a LCD or the CDi there is a first party guide for the Zelda games, even with Nintendo out of it, they ran the one for Breath of the WIld (much like they still self publish those cash cow Pokemon hardback and paperback guides and updated printed pokdexes.)


That said, what I mentioned earlier was half jest, half real.  A group of two great japanese manga artist ladies do this amazing work on Zelda lore making books.  Some have been single chapter, enough have had a part1 and part2.  But for some odd reason for the last few years they've been charting out like a 7-8 volume run for Twilight Princess due to the depths of the world/story within and it's top notch.  Akira Himikawa believe the name is, combination of the 2 authors names.

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