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Battle of Olympus Gameboy

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IT only ever got a port to the EU market, which they've pointed out.  I think it was mentioned in NP like it should have been out in the US but looking at the wikipedia quickly, seems that never materialized.

I wouldn't call it outright rare, but it could be considered regionally easy to tough to get.  There are games you can find, if you are in the area, fairly easy, but outside can be a bitch, this qualifies.


HG101 covered the game, both versions, might be worth a glance here: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/the-battle-of-olympus/ and gamefaqs has a section and faq for it too so maybe you can flush out the changes, but supposedly very close copies between systems with some minor changes (maybe like how ducktales on NES vs GB are nearly the same yet not.)

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Game Boy version of The Battle of Olympus has at least -UKV (United Kingdom), -NOE (Germany) and -ITA (Italy) release in the European region. So no, it's not UK exclusive. Like 1-5 complete -UKV copies appear per year on eBay from what I've seen, since I've been tracking it as a potential buyer. Carts are not really common but not too rare either, they're worth around 20-40£.

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